I am here because I want to expand my knowledge on the women who have inspired me to be strong and have my voice heard and most of all to have it count. My first encounter with feminism was within my own culture. I am from a culture where women are expected to follow men in a society that dictates their role in life which is to sever them.  Most of the women who I have come across inspired me personally because in the Hispanic culture women are to stay at home and take care of children. This was a wake-up call. Had this been all that I was meant to do in this word. I questioned myself in college and then I encountered women from my own culture that became someone and stood up for themselves. Like Sor Juna Ines de la Cruz, she was an inspiration to me because she lived in an era where women were not allowed to be educated and the only place they could do that would be the convent and to serve the lord.Another person who Inspired me has been Frida Kahlo a Mexican artist. She faced many challenges in her health but she always had her art where she could express herself. Most of all what inspires me was the love she had for herself. It didn’t matter what she looked like because she was always in pain and she also had the confidence in herself.  Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda and La Malinche are also women who were very misunderstood. Men considered them as weak and in reality, they were very intelligent women and very strong.

At one point of my life educations was not in my future and these women gave me a voice and most of all the confidence to continue learning. I became a teacher with the encouragement of my father. I was never considered to be the smart one of the family and what started out with insults from my own sisters gave me that push to educate myself. Education has been my motivation. As for my previous experiences, I have been privileged in the fact that I was able to have an education and I also considered myself to be an independent person. My father wanted me to become someone who didn’t have to depend on him or any other person and so far I have and I am very proud of myself because high school was a struggle and it wasn’t until college that I really discovered the world and what was really out there. I have to say education has really kept me grounded and I love learning new things. In my career, I have had some instances where I have been discriminated but none that have been incredibly memorable because I tend to not let it bother me.

I honestly don’t know very much about critical theory but I will find out. One of the reason I am here is because I  want to know more about feminism and I want to continue educating myself. There’s so much to learn about and I would like for this course to inspire me as many other feminists already have. My love for learning is what has brought me to this course and I hope to gain knowledge personally and professionally.