As I sit down to write this week’s blog post, I am unsure of what exactly to write about. So I decided why not write a little bit about everything?

First, I’ll talk about a few of the readings from The Essential Feminist Reader. So, prior to reading the assigned readings, I hadn’t really read much “feminist” literature. I just found it so interesting that even men and women in the 1300’s were talking about feminism. We, as women, have been fighting for equality for so long. I think my favorite piece I read was On the Equality of the Two Sexes by Francois Poullain De La Barre. He writes, “Feelings, passions, and the will maintain this union [of the mind and body], and since the mind functions no differently in one sex than in the other, it is capable of the same things in both.” This really stood out to me because it’s basic biology; reproductive organs aside, men and women are so similar. So why should the mind of a woman be thought of as any less? It seems to be such a simple concept, yet here we are in 2017 still fighting for women’s rights.

This brings me to my next topic: The Women’s March. All over social media I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about the march. The one I see most commonly asked is “What are they marching for? They already have equal rights.” I’ve seen not only men question it, but women as well. This relates back to my first blog post about privilege. Yes, here in the U.S. many white, middle-class women do *pretty much* have equal rights as men, aside from the gender pay gap that still exists in many professions and the imminent threat to decide what rights a woman has to her own body. But that discussion is for another day and time. However, women of color and women in other countries are not afforded that same basic privilege or equality. There is still widespread discrimination of women, even if it doesn’t affect you personally. To me, this was the true purpose of the march. All women, regardless of race, sexuality, religious affiliation, personal beliefs, country of origin, etc. uniting together to fight for all of their rights. It saddened me to see that so many men and women couldn’t look beyond the surface and understand the actual purpose of the march.

So to conclude this post, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’m really interested to see the other posts made this week, and I look forward to reading them. 🙂