As I mention in my first post I have come across inspirational women in the past but not very familiar with the topic of Feminism theory. so I decided to start by looking up at some history, I also researched types of feminist theories and came across quite a few however it became a little overwhelming finding out that there is so much that it became overwhelming. So today I am going to write about a little of everything that I researched in hope to further my understanding of feminism.

The history feminism starts up by indicating that there are 3 waves that help shaped feminism. The first way was in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Women in this era gain political powers that include the right to vote in order for change to take place. This was the beginning of other issues that women wanted society to beweare that they could contintrubute as much as men could in the polical aspect concering sexual, reproductive and ecnomical mtters. the second way happen around the 1960’s- 1980’s.  This wave foucsed on women in the work place, secuality, family and reproductive rights. The third beginis  1990’s to present.In this current wave feminisme is less critized by the female poulation howver different opinions and belifes are present from the radicals, liberal/reforms. the electoral, academic, ecofeminist to mention a few. The main concern in this wave is that women are still facing disparities in male and female pay, equality among both ,  and other  issues like discrimination. Women today are still fighting for acceptance and equality among men.

These are a few  types of feminism theory that  I came across  Liberal feminism. Marxist Feminism, and  Radical  Feminism.

Liberal feminists focus is on women’s ability to maintain their equality through their own actions and choices. I really like this theory because women were speaking up for their own beliefs and that they really wanted a change and to be taken serious.

Marxist feminism has to do with the oppression of women and focus on the concerns of working women. According to April Van Dodewaard women argued that taken care of children is work. I can see both of my sister related to this. They have small children and are always saying that a 1year old and 3year old are a lot of work. Especially together and they have to cook for the other children that are at school, help them with homework, and help them get ready for the next day. I have helped her out, I come home tired… I definitely can relate and agree that housework is work and women should not be criticized or told that this is her only way of life. Betty Friedan wrote the book “the Feminine Mystique” in which is associated with Marxism. I have not read her book personally but she describes woman’s life in the 1950’s.

Radical Feminism has to do with Patriarchy. This particular theory is believed that patriarchy is used to oppress women. Radical feminist support cultural change that undermines patriarchy.

Next week I have more research to do but I hope that next time I can relate one of these theories with one of the readings and give something more interesting to read. I am really getting into what feminism really is. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.