In my class I use the ¿Qué tal? magazine as a current events. This magazine has articles about things that are currently happening in the hispanic countries and all over the world. The articles are written in low-level Spanish vocabulary with a few questions about the articles at the end. There is also a section where the student can go online and participate on the subject of the article. The March edition had a very interesting front page article, celebrating woman’s day with emojis. It has Rosy the riveted saying read our story. The article points out how more than 90%of people use emojis and Unicode consortium controls and approves the emojis, than apple and google will create their version of these. Before 2016 the woman’s emojis were very limited to princesses, ballerinas and brides. There were no emojis of women in professional or sports settings. Google is now conducting a project to change this. They have proposed emoji with female teachers, mechanics, doctors, chef, rock stars, surfers, athletes in different sports and many more professions and sports. They want to create 33 different versions of feminine versions. Their objective is to promote women’s rights and equality. They feel like the emojis should be diverse and for this reason, Unicode is accepting proposals from Google, Apple and Twitter. The article ends with a link for the students to go online and make their own emoji. For those of you who would like to make a personal emoji here is the link, my students loved it and had fun with it Other than using these article in my class for the students to have fun I also use it to create conversation about different topics whether it be culture or in this case women’s rights and equality. It created so much conversation about a subject that we have been discussing for over a hundred years and hopefully will continue to do so. That way the next generation can learn from the previous and benefit from the advances. So whether we keep the conversation going with emojis or other fun things lets continue talking about it and promoting something that is a basic human right. The  education system at the high school level is a great platform for this. At this time the girls are trying to find their place in the world and we want to make sure they understand they can do anything they want. The only restrictions they have is in their own mind. Finding this article in a Spanish magazine made it seem more universal for the students. Still we have to make sure that all the other races are also represented in this conversation. Whether it is as an emoji in the form of a  profession or sport or anything that will spark a conversation,  we should continue to speak to the girls about this because they will grow up to the women of tomorrow who will definitely be running this country. By the way international women’s day is March 8, 2017 and the campaign theme is #BEBOLDFORCHANGE.