I was watching Fox News this morning. The panel discussion was regarding Snoop Dog’s newest video for the song “Lavender,” in which he shoots a character dressed as a clown baring a close resemblance to Donald Trump. I in no way agree with this. Donald Trump, via Twitter, openly condemned the video. This lead way to Snoop Dog’s nephew, Bow Wow, to respond, again via Twitter, with the comments: “Ayo @RealDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDog before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

Now, that comment is absolutely horrible and that was the general consensus of the panel discussing the matter on Fox News. I was on board with this portion of the segment. A member of the panel was discussing the barrage of people to whom Bow Wow should be apologizing. There was, of course, Milania Trump, Baron Trump, and Donald Trump. I agree. The comment was horrible and Bow Wow was out of line. HOWEVER, what the commentator said next stopped me in my tracks, made me look at the TV, and say, “Seriously?” I kid you not, the man said, “Where are the Feminazis now?”

Ok, so lets just take this step by step. First, this panel is Bow Wow for making an incredibly offensive remark about Melanie Trump, discussing the fact that it is degrading to her and her family and that it advocates sex trafficking. Then, this man turns around and refers to Feminists as Feminazis, and doesn’t seem to see the direct correlation to his comments and the very comments which he is condemning from Bow Wow. Does the man really not see how he has just put himself in the same category as Bow Wow?

My real concern when I saw this piece was that Feminists and Feminism have become catch phrases in the current political and social climate. There is so must unrest in our country that we are fighting with each other over everything, and Feminism seems to be one of the strongest fighting points. But why is this? Why has the movement become a punch line for jokes.

I wonder often about what it must have been like for the suffragettes who fought so hard and risked so much in order for women to have the most basic of rights. I also wonder if those who use the word ‘feminism’ as a derogatory remark ever consider that everything which woman are now able to do, the very right to protest, the right to go on television and condemn women who are marching-for whatever reason- would not be possible if those woman of the past had not stood up, marched in unison and demanded more? What is funny about this? I just don’t understand. I have been doing so much reading and research on Sojourner Truth, and I wonder what she, and any of the pioneers of the woman’s movement would think if the could see the current social climate of America.

But, for me, I believe that the division is not just between Liberals and Conservatives. I believe that we, those who consider ourselves Feminist, have to look internally and ask what we could be doing differently as well. I am a white, female, Christian. I cannot be classified as liberal or conservative. I wont be. I believe what I believe. I make choices that some agree with and others don’t. But why are we categorizing ourselves into ‘us’ and ‘them’? Why are we regressing socially rather than evolving?

Just as a side note, I chose not to mention the panel member by name who made these comments due to the fact that regardless of how much I searched, I was unable to find any kind of visual or audio clip of the segment. I almost did not write this post because of this fact, but I just could not shake the need to discuss this. I am eager for replies, ideas, comments. I can say, that this piece, and the line of questions that it made me address for myself, was actually beneficial. I am more determined now to attempt to be a more inclusive feminist. We don’t all have to agree about every issue, but we must be united in order to maintain the dignity and honor of the pioneering woman who gave so much simply for us to have the right to have these debates.