For years I’ve heard about the color Purple but never had the chance to read it. I generally love to read books and for my capstone project, I decide to read the color Purple. I will be writing a review but I wanted to mention my thoughts about the book. I love the book. It made me crying and oh the sisterhood in the color Purple is really true love between sisters. I love my sisters and we are close and I could not image being apart from them. The color Purple was written by Alice Walker the winner of the Pulitzer prize and winner of the National Book Ward. It’s no wondering Walker earn such big awards. The Color purple tells the story of two sisters living in a society dominated by men. One sister is living in Africa as a missionary and the other one living in the South. One of the sisters lives in fear and only survives. She says nothing she doesn’t fight back but one thing keeps her going her love of her sister. These sisters were loyal to each other across times, distance and silence. The color purple, in my opinion, has lots of feminists topics such as races, religion, and gender. I also watched the movie but I prefer the book. The movie had scenes in which I image but the book has deeper details that really describe how it was to be women of color in a society where men are dominant.

One of the thing that really stood out to me about one of the sisters is that her husband never knew she had children. I think more than anything children are defenseless. I don’t have children of my own but honestly, I would not be able to live without my children. Even as a teacher, I would not like to see children being hurt. Which brings me into a conversation I recently had with my mom. We talked about immigration. I am Hispanic and my parents are from Mexico so anytime we hear about stories about children being deported or left behind by parents being deported I truly cringe.

The news, facebook, magazines and other social media are focused on today and the wall that president Trump wants to build and his order of removing all illegal criminals from the United States but in the process, innocent people are being dragged along. people with families that do not have criminal records. I have several friends who are part of DACA. which is a program that President Obama placed during his administration to grant working visas for children who were brought by their parents. These children grew up in the United States and only know one home the US. They have never been to their country of origin because they were brought by their parents. They didn’t have a choice or say in the matter. Parents thought they were doing the right thing bring them into a country where they could live in the American dream. These children grew up and are unable to work and provide for their families because they had no working visas. So under president Obama and the Dreamers act DACA they were grant working visas. This would keep them from being deported to a country they don’t know.  DACA gave the opportunity for the dreamers to have peace of mind and have a job and careers. Thanks to DACA some of my friends have teaching jobs and engineer jobs.  However, they are in constant fear because they have the family of their own.  One of my friends is a teacher and recently divorce. She is scared every day that one day she will not make it home if president Trump decided to remove that support. During the campaign, my friend became very stressed. Where would her children be or at if she got deported? Right now President Trump does not have any immediate removal of people in the DACA program but how long is it until he changes his mind. I know not too long because cases are showing up that some of the members are still being deported even with the working visa permission.

Recently in the news, a young man with a family was deported all he did was show up to as a yearly requirement to immigration. He was not given a chance and was deported.

Immigration is a sensitive topic but I would like to hear some of your opinions.