Feminist Music really, Yes! Music is very relaxing, inspirational and very meaning full. Every time I study or read I have to have classical music playing, it helps me concentrate. Then I wondered if there was any music related to feminism and I came across several artists. From Beyonce all the way to Latin America Singers. In past post, a classmate posted poetry videos describing topics of feminism that gets messages quickly and effectively. I think music can do the same thing as well as show an image of what feminism looks like across other cultures and today’s cultures. These messages are powerful and I feel like everyone can relate to music. Music touches everyone it’s very relatable. Below you here a song from a famous French-Chilean Rapper. I also want to connect my culture to feminisms in Spanish Speaking Countries.  There are also feminist artists that sing in English so I focused on Ani Difranco but the list goes on.

Ana Tijoux who is a French-Chilean rapper. Her song Antipatriarca is a song and video that features the woman in all cultures.

Ana Tihoux works with a very male dominated area. She was inspired by reading about Gabriela Mistral and Simone de Beauvoir and fell in love with their writings and poetry that she began to question herself about the absents of the woman in her culture, the woman who are facing violence, women who do not have a voice and reflect on the condition of the woman. She also reflected on history even revolutionary Latin American left her realizing that they are all men and no woman. She realized that there were only male figures. she also realized woman were absent and her song was born.

Antipatriarch is a song that tries and seeks pride, but not from cheap pride, but from gender identity and also against violence against women that is so recurrent in Latin America, feminism etc.

Tu no me vas a humillar, tu no me vas a gritar – You will not humiliate me, you will not scream at me
Tu no me vas someter tu no me vas a callar -You are not going to submit me you are not going to shut me up
Tu no me vas denigrar, tu no me vas obligar -You’re not going to denigrate me, you’re not going to force me
Tu no me vas a silenciar tu no me vas a golpear -You’re not going to silence me, you’re not going to hit me.
No sumisa ni obediente -Do not submissive or obedient
Mujer fuerte insurgente -Insurgent strong woman
Independiente y valiente -Independent and courageous
Romper las cadenas de lo indiferente -Break the Chains of the Indifferent
No pasiva ni oprimida- Not passive or oppressed
Mujer linda que das vida -Beautiful woman giving life
Emancipada en autonomía -Emancipated in autonomy
Antipatriarca y alegría -Antipatriarch and joy
Y a liberar….- And to release ….

Another artist that has empowering messages about feminism is Ani Difranco. She is an American singer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, songwriter and business woman. She has released more than 20 albums and is a feminist icon.

This song is one of her most popular songs. this song is about the tough road to self-empowerment, finding honesty, strength and the purpose in one’s own life story.

Let’s not forget to mention Beyonce’s song flawless. Beyonce sings her own definition of feminisms into her song. A person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes.

I am personally like this song because it can reach girls and woman today.

There are so many songs out there it’s hard just to mention a few. Here is a website that has a feminist song. Somewhere familiar to me others I was surprised…check it out. It’s nice to sit down and listen to the lyrics. I spent a couple of hours listening to this song. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.