Discovering Feminism

A few thoughts on gender representation in children’s items

So throughout the course of this semester, some of us have touched on the fact that our society tends to create a gendered environment for our children often from within the womb. It is common now to have gender reveal parties to celebrate the sex of our unborn children, and from the moment of birth our culture caters to these identities. Everything from clothes to toys for children is geared toward one sex or the other with some exceptions of unisex representation sprinkled throughout. And I’ve noticed something interesting with this that I’d like to note here from my own experience with my child.  Continue reading “A few thoughts on gender representation in children’s items”

Building Bridges

For my final post, I would like to share a thought from Gloria Anzaldua, a feminist theorist I have recently studied. If you’ve read any of my posts, comments, or responses, you know that I am not a feminist and have issues with some of the ways that some contemporary feminist conduct themselves toward those of us who do not agree with them. I think that Anzaldua promoted a refreshing outlook reeking of common sense.

Continue reading “Building Bridges”

BDSM & Feminism?

For this week, I knew what I wanted to write on so I started “Googling” for an image to accompany my post. Sometimes that is a risky thing to do, especially when one’s post is titled “BDSM & Feminism?” (I found this image when searching BDSM SFW!) The topic that I wanted to write on today relates to one of the books I am currently reading for the Capstone project: Mya Robarts’ The V Girl. I won’t spoil anything for the readers out there (even though I highly suggest not reading this book), but one of the subjects of the book is….consensual non-consent sex…I’ll just let you wrap your head around that one for a hot second. One of the book’s characters has a kink of consensual non-consent sex, meaning that he and his partner role-play a kind of rape situation. The character in the book strongly emphasizes that it is not rape, since both of the individuals are consenting adults. Continue reading “BDSM & Feminism?”

Little Known Feminist

In this post, I wanted to write about a very little known feminist that today  stands as a national icon of Mexican identity. Her image even appears on Mexican currency. In the late 20th century, feminist discovered her with the rise of feminism and women’s writing. She officially became credited as the first published feminist of the New World. Who is this woman, you may ask. She was a 17th century nun, poet, and scholar. Her name is Sor Juana de la Cruz. Continue reading “Little Known Feminist”

We Need to Stop Apologizing for Existing

“I’m sorry, I just have a question…”

“I’m sorry, but…”

“…that’s my opinion. I’m just saying, though.”

I want to talk about this common habit us women are taught from the time we are small children: the need to apologize for taking up space in the world. As women, we tend to, at much more regularity than men, preface our relevant questions and heartfelt opinions that we have to offer with an apology. Continue reading “We Need to Stop Apologizing for Existing”

Feminist Music

Feminist Music really, Yes! Music is very relaxing, inspirational and very meaning full. Every time I study or read I have to have classical music playing, it helps me concentrate. Then I wondered if there was any music related to feminism and I came across several artists. From Beyonce all the way to Latin America Singers. In past post, a classmate posted poetry videos describing topics of feminism that gets messages quickly and effectively. I think music can do the same thing as well as show an image of what feminism looks like across other cultures and today’s cultures. These messages are powerful and I feel like everyone can relate to music. Music touches everyone it’s very relatable. Below you here a song from a famous French-Chilean Rapper. I also want to connect my culture to feminisms in Spanish Speaking Countries.  There are also feminist artists that sing in English so I focused on Ani Difranco but the list goes on. Continue reading “Feminist Music”

Feminism and Marketing Strategy

To begin, I’m going to let you all know that I love shopping. I also love well put together commercials and magazine advertisements. I like them because it requires the creator to include a fully developed story in either a very brief amount of time or within a single photo. That’s a challenge, but so many people do it well. Advertisements tell the story of the product or the company and I think some of them have even bigger things to say than that. Continue reading “Feminism and Marketing Strategy”

Veganism and Feminism

Per request, this week’s topic I’ve decided to tackle is how veganism relates to feminism. Now, I’m 100% sure you’re already asking yourself, “What in the world does veganism have to do with feminism?” The short answer is more than you probably realize. So, I’m here to serve as your vegan guide to all things vegan and feminist. Well maybe not all things, but you catch my drift. Continue reading “Veganism and Feminism”

“I think the man should always pay…”

I watched the first episode of this new TV show when it premiered this past Friday. (It’s produced by Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres). I’m not a big fan of reality/reality’ish TV shows, but this one looked kinda cool and different, so I wanted to check it out. I was also working on a freelance editing job, which takes a lot of my focus, so I wasn’t watching the show closely, just had it on mainly for background noise. This couple caught my attention though, so I was pausing in my work to watch when they were on camera. I’d gotten caught up in my work and forgot about the show when I heard this female say, “I think the man should always pay…” That got my attention. I set my work aside for the next fifteen minutes so I could see how this first date was going to play out. I won’t spoil it for you, in case you want to watch it, but I will tell you I wasn’t surprised by the way things turned out. What I do want to dish about is the dilemma of females in society who are very similar to this one particular female, in attitude and how they interact with others in society, particularly men. For the past few years, as I’ve gotten a little further along in my feminist studies, I’ve started noticing more and more how feminism plays out in society and how we determine what is and isn’t feminism. In some situations, like the recent Emma Watson “boob” thing, there are some pretty strong opinions about what is a good feminist vs. a bad feminist. So I wonder, is the female in this clip being a good feminist or a bad feminist? On one hand, she seems empowered Continue reading ““I think the man should always pay…””

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